What Kind of Glue to Use for Your Stickers? Part Two

 What Kind of Glue to Use for Your Stickers? Part Two

This is qualified by the fact that the glue becomes permanent after 72 to 96 hours of application of your personalized sticker. There is therefore a margin for the installation of these stickers.

In summary, the choice of the type of glue for the Singapore stickers depends on the end-use of your stickers. Some online printing companies are standing by to help you always make the right choice of adhesive.

When you choose to print in screen printing or digital UV, there are three main types of glue available to you. On the one hand, the standard adhesive, economical and of respectable quality, can be applied to most surfaces. It offers good adhesion and good durability. Subsequently, the repositionable glue, as mentioned previously, can peel off and re-stick without leaving a residue. Finally, the aggressive glue offers the maximum adhesion. Difficult to remove, it is therefore very durable, but more expensive. We recommend this type of glue if the sticker is intended to be stuck on surfaces that are not smooth or that will be frequently cleaned with a pressure system.

In standard digital printing or offset printing, you can use either standard glue or aggressive glue. Since the specifications are different, you will choose the first for barcode labels for example and the second for labels intended for the freezer. Thus, the latter, together with an aggressive glue, will not tend to peel off, since it is a type of glue resistant to freezing and frequent handling.

The type of printing, the different glues, the desired finish are just a few factors to consider when it comes to creating a sticker. Different media can be used for your stickers as well: vinyl and polypropylene are some of the most popular examples that we like to use, but there are several more. But it is important to get advice and guidance in order to obtain a high-quality product, at an affordable price, while meeting your needs.

Anthony Diaz

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