What Kind of Glue to Use for Your Stickers? Part One

 What Kind of Glue to Use for Your Stickers? Part One

Stickers are decorative elements particularly popular nowadays. Understanding this success, businesses are also starting to use them for advertising purposes. Most often, they opt for repositionable glue thanks to its advantages.

Repositionable glue offers the advantage of allowing the personalized sticker to be glued and peeled off at will without leaving any marks on the support. If it is very popular now, it is because it’s so easy to use. Note, however, that the adhesive presents a certain risk of peeling after 6 months of use. The risk is even higher on painted walls; since wall paints generally contain chemical anti-fouling compounds; However, these products greatly reduce the adhesion rate of stickers.

“The misfortune of some makes the happiness of others”. This popular seeing perfectly translates the content of this sticker glue comparison post. The weak points of the repositionable glue become the strong points of the permanent glue. The permanent sticker glue is indeed suitable for advertisers who want to avoid any risk of their stickers peeling off. This adhesive is then suitable for outdoor use where bad weather reigns: wind, rain, cold, sun, etc. In addition, the advertising then becomes “permanent” without the risk that the stickers are easily removed.

However, it has the drawback of not allowing any attempt at repositioning. For example, when installing a personalized car sticker, the possibility of repositioning the sticker, if it is not straight, is interesting and, it can be very practical in the world of advertising where we are looking to change the place of the visual often enough to reach as many people as possible.

Anthony Diaz

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