Skincare Routine for Women in Their 20’s

Getting older is not necessarily a bad thing, but we may need to adjust our skincare routine in order to give our skin whatever it needs. As we all know, years go by and our skin starts to weaken, which is why we may need to keep it constantly hydrated and moisturized. Sometimes it isn’t just because we already have crow’s feet or dull skin on our face, but to prevent them from getting worse throughout the years. If we take care

These are some of Brandcosme‘s [ブランドコスメ] favorite articles you could add to your routine if you are in your 20’s and would love to take care of your skin (not only your face but your whole body too!)

  1. Exfoliating regularly

There is no way we could escape an exfoliating treatment. There are plenty of things around us that damages our skin such as smoke or even the sun rays. Therefore, it is our duty to keep it moisturize and clean, which means some exfoliating products may have to be used in order to remove that damaged skin on our face. Remember to always use a cleanser before you get to the exfoliation part and always use a product that isn’t aggressive on your skin because you could strip and hurt your skin even further.

  • Sunscreen

This one is a no-brainer for us. Protecting our skin from sun rays is essential at any age, so every 20-year-old woman should add it to her daily skincare routine. Sometimes our jobs keep us running around under the sun all day, which exposes our skin a lot. In those cases, we should reapply our sunscreen every two hours in order to avoid our skin getting irritated, but if you tend to spend most of your time indoors, just applying once a day is enough.

  • Retinol

As we grow old, our body lacks collagen and its production gets slower every year, which leaves us with dryer skin. Retinoids are mainly used in anti-age treatments as it is known to be very gentle with our skin and it gives us the vitamins and nutrients it needs to give our face that amazing glow. Plus, if we start using it during our late 20’s, our skin will look fresh and young when we are in our 30’s and 40’s. Therefore, it is a must for young women!

  •  Eye cream

Being young means that we don’t get that much sleep and sometimes we even work many hours a day in front of a computer, which means the skin around our eyes, the thinnest skin in our whole body, puts our age on display and shows everybody our wrinkles and crow’s feet. We must be able to keep them hydrated, so using an eye cream with includes retinol or even acid hyaluronic as part of their formula will be great for our skin.

There are many things we could use to avoid getting older and older, but these are just some of our favorite products you could include on your skincare routine!

Francis Dio

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